Graduate Studies

Graduate Opportunities: Please note – Dr. Stewart is not accepting any new graduate students for next year (2022-23) as she will be travelling while on sabbatical. We have an busy, thriving lab, with a diverse group of graduate students.

Graduate students in the lab can pursue their MSc in Psychiatry Research, their MSc in Experimental Psychology, or their MSc in Neuroscience. Students can also pursue their PhD in Clinical Psychology, their PhD program in Experimental Psychology, their PhD program in Neuroscience, or the Interdisciplinary PhD. All graduate students admitted to the programs in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, or the Department of Psychiatry are guaranteed funding during their residency years, provided they apply to all scholarships to which they are eligible. All graduate students in our lab are offered annual support towards presenting their research at conferences.

Please do not contact Dr. Stewart to discuss options for graduate study until after her sabbatical (ends July 1, 2023).